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Rolling Mill Parts

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Spindles Parts

Spindles are used in rolling mills and similar machines. It transmits torque in rolling mills at shaft axes. It is made up of firm material that is reliable for driving transmissions and any other heavy works. For reversible and uni-direction drives, these are used in rolling mills. We manufacture spindles by considering the needs of rolling mills and all other heavy machines and make it the best and easy to use.

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Flywheel Assembly

Flywheel Assembly, a rotating disc, is used to store kinetic energy and control the change of the rotational speed of the shaft. Perfect for stabilize the rotational speed of the shaft, this works on the principle of neolithic spindle and the potters wheel.

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V-Belt Pulley

A Pulley is a power transmission cum speed controller device which can be used at various places depending on the application and size.

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Roller Guide Box

Price: 12000 INR/Unit

Roller guide box finds applications in continuous rolling operations in which the stock that is being rolled is properly twisted between each two adjacent rollers in rolling mills. The roller guide boxes have simple design which ensures durability standards, easy installation and smooth operation in diverse rolling conditions. Acknowledged for their incomparable performance, these roller guide boxes are corrosion & abrasion proof and need no maintenance.

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Bearing Chokes

Often, while performing the rotation in machines you may face the frictions that reduce speed and performance of the machine and the linear movement. Solutions to this problem is bearing. Its a device that is generally used to multiply the performance of rotations. You can get it from a reliable supplier, MKES.


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