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Gear And Gearboxes

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Helical Gears

Helical gears offer a refinement over spur gears. The leading edges of the teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation, but are set at an angle. Since the gear is curved, this angling makes the tooth shape a segment of a helix. Helical gears can be meshed in parallel or crossed orientations. The former refers to when the shafts are parallel to each other; this is the most common orientation. In the latter, the shafts are non-parallel, and in this configuration the gears are sometimes known as skew gears.

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Speed Increaser

Speed increaser are certain devices which are used to increase the speed of engine, gearbox, spindle, shaft, input shafts and other machines. These speed increaser equipment and devices are designed with by eminent mechanical engineers using highly advanced technology.

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Reduction Gearbox

Reduction gear boxes are manufactured using cutting edge technology to ensure their ruggedness against wear and tear. However, yet is a recommended caution to lubricated the gears for better and prolonged performance. Reduction gearbox is also called as reduction gear box, speed reduction gearbox, worm reduction gearbox, industrial gearboxes and reduction gears.

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Reduction Cum Pinion Gearbox

The bodies of the reduction gears are accurately machined, totally enclosed, oil tight, having a sufficient lubrication system and are dust proof. The bodies are made from steel plates to cover the risk of any breakage.

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Pinion Gearbox

Pinion Stand is fabricated with the purpose to reduce down the input speed to a slower output speed. It is kind of wheel work consisting of a connected set of rotating gears which allows force to transmit or change the motion or torque. It can be customized in double or triple output shafts as required by the client.


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